Bahroglyph Study Group

Author: Community

A division of the DLF, the Bahroglyph Research Group has helped to organize and support much of the research that has gone into the bahro and the glyphs found on Eder Kemo and elsewhere that represent their struggles. The Images section contains a shot of every glyph currently known to exist, both in Uru and in Myst V; the system used to catalogue these images has been generally adopted in conversation for ease of reference. The Study Group conducts its discussions on a special subforum at the DLF forums.

Siezure Village Bahroglyph Analysis

Author: BrettM

A thorough and inquisitive exploration of the Yeesha Journey sequence. Each glyph is analyzed in depth, indicating important compositional elements and making useful connections between and beyond the sequence itself. A speculative narrative is suggested, and important questions raised to enrich the meaning of this important artifact. Bahroglyph Study Group taxonomic conventions are used.

The Extra Yeesha Glyphs

Author: dreamerblue

Dreamerblue has taken the Yeesha's Journey sequence that we see in the Bahro Caves and constructed an intriguing narrative around it. These enigmatic images point to any number of possibilities, and dreamerblue has done an excellent job of reasonably speculating what they might mean. Follow Yeesha as she grows up, departs for the Cleft, battles with an angry red guy with a big book, and finally becomes accepts her destiny as the Grower. (This site has been taken down from its original location; the DLF has reproduced it with the kind permission of the author.)

The Narayani Collective

Author: Community

The Narayani Collective has long been a gathering place for all explorers interested in the culture and traditions of the Age of Narayan. After a couple incarnations, the Collective has gained secure footing and its unique forums are a beacon of Ahrotahn studies. This is without a doubt the go-to site for all things Narayan!

Linking to Narayan

Author: M'lah Sihfay

By far one of the best resources available on the Narani symbols. M'lah Sihfay presents some fascinating findings on the visual logic behind the complex Narani symbols we encountered in Myst III: Exile, weaving into her dictionary with commentary a wealth of information on Narayani culture and traditions. Smart, nuanced analysis and great attention to detail combine to create a vibrant document of Ahrotahn culture.

Narayan Symbol Key

Author: Creatv82

An nicely done interactive site illustrating each of the Narani symbols and their English meaning. Mouseover the English word (all of the words from the tapestries in Myst III are present) and the appropriate symbol will appear.