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DLF Ambassadors


Explorer groups and guilds oftentimes come in contact and have need of assistance with the D'ni and ahrotahn languages. The DLF has a team of skilled members who are happy to offer advice and support for any and all language matters explorer organizations may encounter. We're able to help you out with composing texts in D'ni, translating new texts from the Cavern and elsewhere, understanding the context of new and old texts, and many other tasks!

These DLF Ambassadors are assigned specifically to your organization and will become an active part of your community, participating in forum discussion and in-Cavern meetings in order to offer a linguist's perspective when needed. As needs or opportunities present themselves, Ambassadors will provide insight that's sure to enrich your group's work and ease some of the burden of grappling with these beautiful but foreign texts.

If your explorer group/guild is interested in obtaining a DLF Ambassador, please email Domahreh with a description of your organization and a sense of your linguistic needs if you know them (it's OK if you don't!).


rehoortan tso tagamtav

Special interests: helping with translations and uses of the D'ni text and font. Current forum registrations: AoG, DRC, MOUL, UO. In-cavern: not yet exploring.


Special interests: none indicated. Current forum registrations: MC, UO. In-cavern: not yet exploring.


Special interests: none indicated. Current forum registrations: CAT, DPWR, DRC, DZS, GoAC, MC, MOUL, SoDK, UO. In-cavern: Owehn, KI# 45434.


Special interests: none indicated. Current forum registrations: CC, MC, MOUL, TGT, UO. In-cavern: K'laamas, KI# 105300.

AoG=Assembly of Guilds
CAT=Cavern Activities Team
DPWR=D'niPedia/Writer's Ring
DZS=D'ni Zoological Society
GoAC=Guild of Age Crafters
MOUL=Myst Online: Uru Live
SoDK=Students of D'ni Knowledge
TGT=The Great Tree
UO=Uru Obsession