The DLF was founded during UruLive Prologue in the fall of 2003, largely as a result of the new communities then forming in the D'ni cavern. The Guild of Greeters had recently begun and enjoyed enthusiastic success; it made sense to form a similar organization that could serve the interests of the longstanding D'ni language community. Complex, new D'ni texts were appearing in the cavern as well, attracting new students to the study of the language. They, too, needed a place to go to explore and learn in a supportive and informative environment.

The idea was first discussed on the languaglyst as a way to continue the pioneering work of Simon and Josef Riedl's defunct Guild of Linguists and especially to offer language instruction classes in Live. After conferring with community leaders, co-founders Jerle and Domahreh hammered out a mission statement and statement of values that helped to clearly define the overall goals and philosophies of the group. They then approached some of the well-known thinkers and writers on D'ni and Narani, then the only Ahrotahn language we knew much about, to help build the new group.

The DLF website finally went public on January 26, 2004. As fate would have it, Live was cancelled less than two weeks later. This forced us to rethink some of our long-term goals, but we adapted and grew, as we continue to do today. Now, our forums host over 500 members and 10,000 posts; we challenge Mysterium-goers each year with our annual korokh deseekaytee (Book of Puzzles); and offshoots like the Bahroglyph Study Group and D'ni Reconstruction Project explore new and exciting areas of scholarship. Hopefully, we'll only keep on growing as new texts are discovered, new opportunities arise, and new explorers keep hearing the Call!