A Dictionary of the D'ni Language

Author: Kh'reestrefah

Since it first appeared in 2000, Kh'reestrefah's D'ni Dictionary has been the premiere resource for D'ni vocabulary. The site offers definitions of every D'ni word that has ever appeared in an authentic text, with speculation clearly marked; full concordance listing all instances of each word; extensive citation of sources; and transcriptions of key texts. Additionally, the introductory text offers an insightful discussion of the D'ni alphabet and its variances. A Dictionary of the D'ni Language is unparalleled for its thoroughness and attention to detail and remains a fundamental reference for the D'ni linguist.

Erthlooktahv Fahehts Mreleshtee Kh'dogelen D'nee

Author: Domahreh

Also known as the D'ni Grammar Manual, Erthlooktahv (D'ni for A First Survey of the Facts for Writing Díni) offers detailed explanation and analysis of the grammar of the D'ni language. Chapter 1 parses and diagrams many of the D'ni sentences from Aitrus' Map, Riven, and Uru; Chapter 2 considers grammatical points in detail. Differing theories on specific grammar points are presented when appropriate. While the language is somewhat technical, the information collected here is comprehensive, and the Grammar Manual has become an important reference in its own right.

Rehchoortahn D'nee

Author: Domahreh

Picking up where the Riedl brothers' Language Lessons (see below) had left off, Rehchoortahn D'nee aspires to provide a user-friendly, accessible textbook for all students of D'ni. Currently, Unit 1 offers twenty-two lessons ranging from beginning basics to simple sentences. Future updates include Units 2 and 3, which will treat more advanced grammatical concepts and constructions, and an accompanying workbook, which will offer examples and exercises to help learn the new information presented in each lesson.

Wikibooks: D'ni Language Grammar

Author: community

This community-maintained wikibook offers concise, accessible information on the D'ni language, its background, and its grammar. The information is presented straightforwardly, with limited contextualization and examples. Useful for quick reference and reminders of general linguistic points.

Yahoo! Groups: The Languagelyst

Moderator: Leenay

While it has been largely overtaken by the DLF forums, the languagelyst was the center of D'ni linguistic discussion during the Prologue days in 2003 through 2004. There is still some valuable information and interesting conversations tucked away here, and some great historical moments, including the discovery of the Classroom Note, to be browsed through.

Interactive Pocket D'ni Encyclopedia

Author: Tégan'yavo

This handy application assembles a ton of information in one easy-to-use spot for your quick reference. Especially useful for date/time and number conversion, the IPDE includes a respectable wordlist (though with some errors), grammar reference, info on transliteration standards, and even a rudimentary D'ni to English translator.

Pocket D'ni Dictionary

Author: No'Vah and Lisandra

No'Vah has put together a nicely formatted D'ni dictionary for offline use. It contains both D'ni-to-English and English-to-D'ni sections, plus reference information in the back on D'ni grammar, numbers, and time. Though it hasn't been updated in a while, it's still a useful reference to have.

Guild of Linguists

Author: Simon and Josef Riedl

Begun in 1998, this was the first website devoted entirely to the D'ni language and for a time a hub of the linguist community. While the site has gone static since then, it still contains many useful documents from the early days of D'ni studies, an old set of language lessons, a lexicon, and a Javascript translator. The site is also available in German and in French.

Circle of D'ni

Author: Nahvah Telanis

Truly the first gathering place for those interested in the D'ni language. Telanis' website was on the cutting edge of web design in the day -- it still contains some great puzzles and other features -- and it was here that the foundations of modern D'ni linguistics were built. The list of the "chosen" is a veritable who's who of the early MREDU community.

Project Translatam

Author: Mark Jurries and James Lanning

A fascinating snapshot of the early tasks of D'ni linguistics, Project Translatam aimed to transliterate all major D'ni texts (then, Aitrus' map Journey to the Surface) into the Roman alphabet. Starting with only 12 known D'ni characters, the remainder of the D'ni alphabet was deciphered and a transliteration method standardized -- significant undertakings at the time.