The Scriptorium

Author: DLF community

A project currently under development. The Scriptorium will be a visual catalogue of all authentic D'ni texts currently known to researchers. Unmodified images will be provided so all students can have access to the same raw materials; transcriptions (but not translations) will also be provided.

Rekorokh Deseekaytee

Author: DLF community

Each year, MREDU fans gather in July to celebrate the D'ni, their Ages, Cyanworlds, and the community in an event called Mysterium. Since its founding, the DLF has created a packet of puzzles, Rekorokh Deseekaytee, for Mysterium and unMysterium goers alike to enjoy during their travels, in the downtime, or whenever. Here is an archive of puzzle packets from previous years, beginnining in 2004. All packets are in PDF format.

Sehltahvtee T'D'nee

Author: Dnilinguist

This gem of a site offers three short stories written in D'ni: "Refenahokh Noahkh" (The Story of Noahkh), "Rehm'lah" (The Lizard), and "Rehtahm" (The Fire). There are a few mistakes in the D'ni, but these are greatly outweighed by the originality of the writing, the creative use of limited vocabulary, and an overal handsome design. Let's hope to see some more, someday!

The D'ni Journeys

Author: Yohshee

In addition to D'ni-to-English and English-to-D'ni Dictionaries, The D'ni Journeys, part of the Faded Twilight site, offers a wonderfully detailed reading of the famous map made by Atrus' grandfather, Aitrus, entitled Relenah B'retahleeo (The Journey to the Surface; available at the Riven website, see below). Yohshee's line-by-line explanation of each D'ni text is a useful resource to anyone struggling with the map's translation, and the in-depth exploration of what the map's more arcane figures and notes might mean are fascinating. Click "D'ni Journeys" on the lefthand menu once you arrive.

Guild of Discoverers

Author: Coren

Though now static, the Guild of Discoverers website offers source images, transcriptions, and translations of all the major D'ni texts that emerged from the Riven years. Note that the D'ni Script LM is required for proper viewing (available on our Essentials page). Once you've arrived, click "D'ni" on the lefthand menu, then "D'ni Text Translations", then visit the "separate page."

D'ni Maps

Author: Cyanworlds, Inc.

Aitrus' Surveyor's Guild map, Relenah B'retahleeo (The Journey to the Surface), is something of a Rosetta stone for D'ni studies. It remains one of the richest and most fully understood D'ni texts we have today. Cyan's Riven website offers an interactive digital copy of this map, the same that accompanies the hardcover Book of Ti'ana. Many of the major sections of text are linked to their translations, which help explain the circumstances surrounding the map's production.