Welcome to the D'ni Musicological Society website! The Society works to further the study, restoration, and practice of D'ni music. Much of our work is reconstructive and speculative, given the scant primary resources available for research and analysis. The Ae'Gura Concert Hall is the largest source of information, but currently access to its archives is highly restricted by the DRC. However, the theories, readings, and performances presented within are based on thoroughly considered principles and drawn from direct sources when possible. We strive to stay true to the D'ni musical spirit!

Please browse through our menu at right to locate the information you desire. Our music theory section offers insight into the origin, notation, and compositional practice of D'ni music, currently focusing on early D'ni music. Instruments showcases some of the D'ni musical instruments we have found evidence of and explains some of their properties. The practices section explains D'ni performance practice, occasions at which music would have been played, the Minor Guild of Musicians, and other aspects related to the D'ni musical tradition. We also hold a catalogue of compositions, with scores and recordings when available.

Thanks for your visit; we hope you have fun! If you'd like to join the Society and assist with our research efforts, please contact us. Shorah!