The current holdings of D'ni music are presented below in presumed historical order. Each item resides on its own page, where some of its notable musicological features are noted, texts translated, reproductions of scores and other materials are displayed, and a recording, if available, is held. As work progresses, we hope to expand our offerings and provide the richest experience of the D'ni musical tradition as possible.

Items that are followed by the symbol have a score available for viewing; the symbol indicates an audio sample.

I bahreltahn bivahreeuahl
    Yahvic hymn
    50-100 DE?

Occasional Music for Induction to a Guild
    Chamber music for D'ni lyre
    c. 1150 DE

Lament for the City Guard
    Chorus from a Pento opera
    c. 7100 DE

Gehn's theme
    Solo for double reed
    c. 9450 DE