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We all, during our journeys through the worlds of the D'ni, have come across it. Scrawled on a fragile bit of parchment, inscribed on a monumental building, or even casually spoken in greeting, the words of the D'ni language carry a certain power, a sort of magic. Not just in the sense that they were instrumental for writing the all-important descriptive and linking books, which nourished and supported the D'ni civilization for so many centuries. The language of the D'ni carries its own charm; it is a beautiful language, flowing on the page, pleasing on the tongue, and fascinating in its mechanics. It has provided us some of the most important primary documents about the D'ni, and continues to reveal its mysteries as study pushes ever forward.

Whether this is your first encounter with D'ni or if you are returning to refresh your knowledge, you are about to embark on a rewarding exploration — one of the greatest puzzles the D'ni ever devised.

This series of lessons is designed to walk the beginner through from the basic fundamentals of D'ni to the more advanced aspects of the language in a sequential manner. The initial lessons will help to orient you with respect to the history of D'ni linguistics, as well as some of the basic concepts of the language. As they progress, the lessons will tackle more and more challenging material. Each lesson will have accompanying vocabulary, summary, examples, and exercises in the Workbook (still under construction) to help you understand and learn.

Unit 1 covers all the basics of D'ni; after completing it, you should be able to express yourself in simple conversation with a variety of sentences. Unit 2 continues where Unit 1 leaves off, and will introduce you to more advanced aspects of the language such that, upon completion, you will emerge with a comprehensive knowledge of its known properties. Unit 3 introduces you to those topics currently under discussion among the linguist community, offering different theories and accepted hypotheses. There, you will find the cutting edge of D'ni studies, open for your consideration!

It is not mandatory to complete this entire sequence of lessons to speak D'ni. The basic knowledge you learn in Unit 1 will suffice for simple conversation and expression, and you may wish to stop there. However, the further you persevere, the better you will be able to express yourself clearly and accurately. (For an optimum learning experience, be sure that you have downloaded and installed Quicktime or another plugin to play .mov and .mp3 files, as well as all necessary fonts. Rehchoortahn D'nee is available as a Word document and as a PDF file for offline reference.)

Of course, the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship is an excellent resource for asking questions and practicing your D'ni with other students and seasoned D'ni linguists alike. Check our website at the beginning of each semester to see what classes are offered — many D'ni classes will incorporate this text into their curriculum, offering a dynamic and collaborative environment in which to learn.

As the D'ni said,

.lena biv Kenen erTbåntE me KElentE

May your first step be simple, and may every step following prove enriching and fun!


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