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Lesson 4

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Before we jump into the real nuts and bolts of D'ni, let's learn some easy phrases you can use in greeting your friends and fellow explorers. All of the phrases here should be properly addressed to one person; in a few chapters, we will learn how these greetings can be modified so they are appropriate for addressing a group of people.


shorah | ora

Hello, goodbye. Literally, "Peace."

 Sora b'Sem

shorah b'shehm | ora b'em

Hello, goodbye. (formal)
Literally, "Peace to you."

 yar ram

yahr rahm | yar ram

Good day.

 Kenen ram b'yim Sem

kehnehn rahm b'yihm shehm |
kenen ram b'yim em

It's good to see you.

 gorven boyim Sem

gorvehn boyihm shehm |
gorven boyim em

I'll see you soon.

 Toe Kenem

thoeh kehnehm | oe kenem

How are you?

 Ken ago

kehn ahgo | ken ago

I am well.

 Ken ziT

kehn zihth | ken zi

I am bad. Literally, "I am low."

 Toe Kenem tagamij

thoeh kehnehm tahgahmihj |
oe kenem tagamij

What's you're name? Literally, "How are you known?"

 Ken tagamij te N.

kehn tahgahmihj teh N. |
ken tagamij te N.

My name is N. Literally, "I am known as N."

 cev Sem

chehv shehm | ev em

Thank you.


mehoor | mer

You're welcome.

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