Author: Cyanworlds, Inc.

This is Cyan's official D'ni font, which the DLF uses in all official publications. The å/æ character is mapped only to (Alt+0229).

D'ni Script
Authors: Colin Arenz (Tekis) and Sebastian Ochs (Jehon)

These are the three fonts that Tekis and Jehon created before there was a D'ni font. RAWA declared them to be just as good as the official one. Character mapping differs from Cyan's font, however. For D'ni Script Standard, the å/æ character is mapped to q and Y, the ts/c character mapped to x and X. Additionally, uppercase L and Z provide variant D'ni characters for lowercase l and z. D'ni Script Angular maps characters almost identically. D'ni Script Linguistic Mapping is primarily used to render texts using NTS into accurate D'ni. It also includes the color symbols from Riven.

Narayani Light
Author: Sebastian Ochs (Jehon)

Two great fonts for Narani enthusiasts. Narayani Light allows you to produce any Narani symbol you like by superimposing letter elements; it also includes Narayani numbers and the symbols for the Ages in Myst III: Exile. The font is a bit complicated to use, so you may want to ask for help at the Narayani Collective forums. Narayani Roman Light is a Roman letter font that resembles the shapes of Narani symbols.

Author: Domahreh

A D'ni font modeled after the Arial style, more blocky and no serifs. Be sure to read the readme.txt; it includes special instructions for getting the font to work properly in Microsoft Word.

Author: BladeLakem

A beautifully done and extensive collection of webdings based on Uru symbols and designs.