Our Bevin neighborhood in the Cavern is a great place to hang out, meet other language enthusiasts, play a game of heek, or attend fun and educational linguistics events and classes. We're lucky to have all the bells and whistles -- mushrooms in the light garden, lanterns, a D'ni clock, firemarbles, and more!

Join us Tuesday evenings at 7pm Cavern time onwards for the weekly DLF meet and greet! It's a great chance to put a face to your friends from the forums, stop by to ask questions about your translation efforts, and catch up on Cavern events.

Because of the way Nexus works, the DLF Hood doesn't always show up on the Public Links panel. If you'd like to visit or join the neighborhood but can't find it on Nexus, please get in touch with one of the following DLF members:

DLF Forum name In-cavern avvie KI number
Akkiko Akkiko 926593
Choortahn Choortahn 1412167
David Webb David Webb 281819
Domahreh Domahreh 334535
IanWatson Ian Watson 179642
Owehn Owehn 45434
Sehltahn Sehltahn 1009583
sonic'son sonic'son 1570371
Talashar Talashargeltahn 378324