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In addition to offering a home to the linguist community, the DLF also works to reach out to the explorer community at large, for the purpose of sharing knowledge and raising awareness of the D'ni and ahrotahn languages. From Kadish's enigmatic note to the inscription on Kerath's Arch, explorers are surrounded by threads of language that have perennially aroused curiosity and inspired creativity. We hope to support these interests and efforts in original and innovative ways through our various offerings.

We strive to address the needs of individual explorers and explorer groups/guilds with an extensive set of outreach services. Instructive classes and lectures are offered periodically during the year; as our volunteer teaching staff grows, we hope to expand our range of classroom interaction to encompass a variety of skill levels. We also offer translation services and work hands-on with explorer groups/guilds requiring language support.

As always, if there are new ways the DLF can help you or your group/guild, please let us know! It's great to hear original ideas and suggestions about how the beautiful D'ni and ahrotahn languages can play a vibrant role in the explorer experience!