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One of the most popular requests made on our forums is for translation of English texts into D'ni, for creative projects, websites, group/guild names, and other reasons. These are always fun to work on and a great challenge for our talented members! We encourage you to join us on the DLF forums to make your request and participate in the translation process.

If you'd rather submit a request for translation, we'll take it from there, either opening up the request on the forums for discussion or, if privacy of the translation is a concern, assigning it to a skilled individual to work on. When your translation is ready, we will contact you with the prepared text in transliteration (OTS), formatted for Cyan's Dnifont, and embedded in an image. Please fill out the form below as fully as you can, and we will be in touch!

KI number:

Please include the text you wish to be translated, and any other comments:

This text is confidential and should not be discussed on the DLF public forums.