1) The Pursuit of Knowledge and Learning.

First and foremost, it is our hope to nurture a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to thoroughly learn. Whether leading classroom discussion, debating the finer points of D'ni grammar, or delving into a newly discovered script, the motivating force behind our action and speech is always to enlarge Uru explorers' understanding of the complex and fascinating D'ni languages, at a pace and intensity most conducive to genuine education. We understand that everyone learns differently, and that individual attention is one of the most important ingredients of thorough learning. Thus, we encourage each student to maintain a personal wordlist, as no official DLF wordlist is kept. We also endeavor to develop an awareness of the history behind the languages in order to contextualize our studies.

2) Openness and Accessibility.

For real learning to occur, both student and teacher must keep their minds open to any and all possibilities, and mutually receive insight with willingness and respect. Speculation will abound, and many theories will be suggested, discussed, refined, and reworked. Tolerance for others' views and the desire to have a conversation are highly encouraged. So that we may invite all who take an interest in the languages of the D'ni to participate, we will make every effort to encourage and include our fellows who have not yet made it down into the caverns. In order to make our work as accessible as possible, we will use the Old Transliteration System and Cyan's font in all official Guild communications. We will do our best to accommodate other transliteration systems and fonts as needed.

3) Community and Fellowship.

Language is the most basic element of communication, of bridging the gap between people and making a connection. Thus, we recognize and value the importance of conducing scholarship as a community of uniquely talented individuals. All are equal participants, from beginner to expert, and we all have something to learn from one another. There is no "rank," in the sense of prestige or seniority; all deserve respect in equal measure. We endeavor to create a vibrant and multifaceted community in an atmosphere of fellowship and camaraderie, rather than pride or egoism.